EZ-Page Builder

With EZ-Pagebuilder you can put your business on the Internet and take control of your web site design with no knowledge of HTML! Creating a web page is as simple as stacking blocks. Stack a "Title" block on top of a "Text" block. Stack these blocks on top of a "Horizontal Line" block. Choose from over 10 different block types including:
Banner Specials
Site Search
Order Buttons
Shopping Cart
Button Bar
Information Request
With EZ-Pagebuilder, there are unlimited possibilities to web site design. Now you can create, edit, and maintain your own on-line creations. When you save your work, it is available worldwide! 11
For Webmasters And Advanced Users
If you already schooled in HTML programming, you can implement HTML code right into EZ-Pagebuilder. Simply cut the code and paste it into a "Text" block. Select the HTML option and it is now part of the web site!
Here is a sample of EZ-Pagebuilder in action!

Web page design in progress.

In the 4 block sample above, the "Title" block (001) is stacked upon the "Text" block (002). These two blocks are stacked upon a "Graphic & Bulleted Text" block (003). When the page is saved, EZ-Pagebuilder converts the blocks into HTML.
The HTML conversion is displayed below.

Finished web page design.
This page was built with EZ-Pagebuilder.