Customer Testimonials

"We have been up and running on the web for a number of months now and for a small company we didnít have the time to learn HTML or the web language. We found that with your system, all we needed to do was point and click -- and away we went into the 21st century.

When we had a question or problem, all we did was call and the great support staff talked us through it. Thanks!"

Joe B
"I would like to thank you for assisting our company in developing our web site and continued support with upgrading. We have been seeing a steady increase in the number of daily hits and more important the time the person is spending on our site. We have a growing e-mail list requesting updates and catalog information. We will now begin a mail order catalog to compliment our web site. Your Company takes the time and effort to assist a novice, thank you. We have a long ways to go and we are looking forward to the challenge."

Roger F
"The catalog program in your system is very easy to use and when I have a question or problem, I can just call technical support and they help me out. The thing I like most about working with your company is that they have a very user-friendly program -- and staff. I have learned a lot working with your company and am the first person to recommend them for Internet business services."

Devri R
Communications Manager 11
"For some time I have been trying to establish a business web site for my medical and surgical practice. I had previously hired and outside web development company to design one for me. The main drawback was that any time I wanted to add additional changes or modify graphics, I had to have that done for me. Deciding to sign up with your company was a significant step in the right direction for me. After spending only 1 - 2 hours with a knowledgeable representative, I was able to design and input web pages into my web site with relative ease. And all without having to learn HTML. I actually look forward now to maintaining and adding to my web site on a regular basis. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to establish a personal or business web site."


Dr. Bruce T
"With EZ-Page Builder, I now can go in and add new pages, make changes, add new pictures, change prices, and have specials -- just about anything I want to do with my own web site. The program is very simple, and if you have any computer knowledge, I do not feel there would be any limit to what one can do with their own web site. I want to thank your company for making my web site business grow and be what it is today..."

Susan C
Owner -- D&S Enterprise
"At last I found your company! From the start I was impressed by your enthusiastic, friendly, and welcoming approach. You introduced me to the excellent concept of "hostware." Hostware enabled me to set up an order form in a matter of minuetes, and your team to tailor the system to the exact requirements of a British company. This you did with unfailing professionalism and good humour.

Great Service, thank you!
Allan K
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